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I'm trying to understand the way the damage modelling works in GR and I'm putting everything down on a spreadsheet. I've read Para's tutorial a thousand times over but some things really do not make sense to me:

1) Find Dc0

Divide energy by velocity. E/V = Dc0

Example: 200/1000 = .2 the result is Dc0

2) Find Dc1

Find appropriate damage on chart (see next page)

Example: 90% = 1000

Damage = (Dc0 x V) + (Vc1 x V^2)

Example: 1000 = (.2 x 1000) + (Vc1 x 1000^2)

Simplify this operation:

Example: 1000 – (.2 x 1000) = E

1000 – 200 = 800

Divide E by Velocity^2

Example: 800/1000^2 = 0.0008 this is Dc1

Put these variables in the appropriate fields in the Gun Editor within IGOR.

Damage Table

Find the appropriate chance of wounding from a center-mass hit at the muzzle on the left, and look to the total damage value on the right. Use this in step 2 of the damage formula above.

99 10000

97 3300

95 2000

93 1425

90 1000

87 770

85 665

83 587

80 500

77 435

75 400

73 370

70 333

Okay now I understand the equations, but where does this damage chart come from? There's no context to it, and I don't understand what numbers you are supposed to be cross-referencing with it. He says "Use this in step 2 of the damage formula above" and I can see that he has done this:

Example: 90% = 1000

But where does that 90% come from? Or rather, where does the value of 1000 come from?

According to his description;

1 - (x/D), where X is a value assigned a body region in cmbtmodl.xml, and D is the total damage done by your weapon. Our MP5's damage to the torso would look like this:

(100/1000) = .900

Now call me crazy, but 1 - (100/1000) is NOT .900! It's 0.1, am I losing my mind?

Another problem I'm having is that I have copied the equations seen on IGOR meticulously for killcoefficient and velocity, but I'm actually seeing the kill energy increasing at range :blink:

The final thing I wanted to ask is that while calculating velocity and damage seems to work out (apart from the increasing kill energy) I really do not understand how to turn those two values into a "final damage" value, something that will give you a definite chance to kill on a given body part. If I do what Para and Igor say, which is '1 - (hitpoints/killenergy)' I often (depending on range) get negative values!

Any help would be appreciated :)

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