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Philosophical Questions...


Thought I had a question, that's why the stupid title name.....forgot the questions though so nevermind my topic name.

So, I've been prowling through GR's files again, and found some more interesting things.

1. There are 4 mysterious .gun files in the Origmiss Equip folder.

a) 50calMG.gun. I think this may be the tank machine gun file, but it says the model is an M82.....

b) NATO_MG.gun. No idea what this is. Uses a '50cal.qob' for the model.

c) sniper.gun and test.gun. These both use the M16 model, and the sniper.gun uses a sound file called w_m16_sf which would be for a full auto gun, while the M16 does not have full auto. The test.gun uses the AK sound file. Both of these guns are missing lots of lines, like accuracy values.

2. The no explosives kit restriction file name is no_explosvies.

3. In the map folder in Origmiss, there is a main_menu folder containing these files: IkeScreenShot11.rsb and mainmenu.map.

4. There is a training sound file called 'f_training_firingarc.wav' and it tells how to use firing arcs, which are featured in the game. I just found out about this after reading the IT manual this year, wish it had been included in training. There was also a 'f_training_movementroe.wav' that told about rules of engagements and movement settings.

5. The kitmusic.wav is never used in game except in custom missions where people scripted it in. You would think it would have been used while selecting your mens' kits, thus the name 'kitmusic.'

6. There is a Temp folder in the Origmiss folder, but I have never seen anything in it.

7. There is a separate face texture folder for snipers and pilots.

8. It could very well be possible to change the explosion effects by editing the billboard_effect rsb files.

9. The only weapon texture file that doesn't start with 'iw_' is the wep_sa80.rsb file.

10. There are texture files for Hind helicopter props in the textures folder.

11. Several trees on the left side of the screen are missing in the M07 after-action clip.

12. In several kit folders from Origmiss, mp1, and mp2, there are kit files with some kind of name like 'mp_demo_primary'.

13. In the Mp1 model folder, there is an 'rpk_7' and 'rpk_7_rocket' .qob file. There is also an rpk_scope file.

14. There is an .rsb file in the Mp1 Shell/Art folder called kit-MP-Demo-Primary-04.rsb.

15. There is a 30mm grenade projectile file in the Mp2 equip folder. Not used, to my knowledge, in game.

16. There is a .pob file in the Mp2 model folder called 'v_mi8hip_dam.rsb' although there are no Mi8s in IT.

17. There is an M1Hip sound file in the Mp2 sound folder.

18. There is a cuban town chatter sound file that sounds like a emergency radio broadcast in Spanish in the Mp2 sound folder.

19. The enemy sound folders in Mp1 and Mp2 still say Russian_voice although they are not Russian.

20. There are five helicopter sound files in the Origmiss folder: v_blhk_cr, v_blhk_gr, v_blhk_ht, v_blhk_id, and v_blhk_sd. _ht sounds like a crash or explosion; might have been a sound file to be played when Blackhawks were destroyed or crashed.

So! That's all for today.

Edited by rileyfletcher_01

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