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GR:FS Modding Tools?

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I was wondering does anyone know if GR:FS will come with modding tools? Or will it even have a "Map Editor" I know I forget were I heard it but I heard it will come with a

"Map Editor" but no "SDK" Can anyone confirm this?



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I haven't heard anything either way, though I've been a day late and a dollar short on the latest scoop on GR:FS since the initial announcements that were pretty scary. I have a feeling that if there was an official announcement to offer some level of PC map and/or mod support, we'd have a top news story on GRN, and Fans would be all over it.

That said I did run down a little info on the YETI engine genealogy, (thread here) which appears to be based on Unreal Engine 2.5; sans limitations of middlware licensure (which can be a limitation) it's certainly not unrealistic to hope for map and mod tools as Unreal 2.5 was the last iteration of Unreal that was very mod friendly...


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