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[Random flashing textures]

I've recently upgraded my laptop to a Toshiba P775D system with;

AMD K12 processor (Quadcore with intergrated ATI 6250M graphics processor)

6GB ram


But the NEW bold venture maps seem to run great on this system. only issue i noticed was a graphical glitch whereby the lightmap has an issue that makes sone of the textures on some of the buildings flash every so often randomly.

But good Job TCO on this mod overall

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Do you see this on all buildings or just ones that are further away?

If it's buildings that are further away what you might be seeing is the transition between the high poly building and the low poly building.

What happens is that at around 300m the main building is removed and replaced with a low detailed version, sometimes during this transition you can see flickering textures, this is done to reduce the recourses in the game.

When making buildings I have to make two, a high and a low poly version, I normally offset them to reduce the flickering but it's difficult to eliminate it completely.

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it was buildings medium range.maybe 3 or 4 buildings. stops, starts... but nice maps

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