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Do you have any DRM ideas?

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I was just wondering if you guys had any good DRM ideas it will be quite interesting seeing what you have in mind or think about even having a DRM.

i have a few ideas none of them are particularly amazing but one of them was a virus or prompt that crashes the PC if the copy command is used on a one file or more on the disk, and with exceptions, the hard drive. but it removes itself upon crashing... :P

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I used to make mods for a racing simulator called rFactor, they had what I thought was quite a good DRM system.

It's a bit like the method that Ubi are proposing with GR:FS, you installed the game and then logon to the net through the game it then asked for your serial and would then go on to check your PC components serial numbers, once that was done the game would install some files that related to your PC setup and away you go.

With this activation you would be able to reinstall the game five times but unlike the Ubi system if you used all your activations up you could simply email the manufactures and they would ask you to provide your password and login details which would give you five more activations.

As I said, this system worked very well plus you could download the game which gave you a months free trial then pay for it the first time you activated it.

I played and modded this game for quite a while and never had any problems getting more activations.

This was a couple of years ago so they may have changed it in the meantime.

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