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Multiplayer servers are gone :(

Is it possible that because of the FUTURE SOLDIER release most of the servers are preparing for its arrival and have left GRAW2 ?

....coz there is no more fun in graw2 multiplayer, only BH and RAS are still there. :(

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No! We do not have many servers they have a lot of players boredom!

When you have a friend you can run [Hun] _Team'''*''' servers!

Of course, part of the new edition are welcome. Until then, playing GRAW2.

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Pachanga mate, you are welcome on our servers anyday.

Most of us play on the =BH= servers daily, usually early to late evenings, so you will usually find someone around.

I put on a server occasionally in the list.

Look for me if nobody on ours.

Normally would put it under =BH=CJ Server.

I was one of the original founders of the =BH= group, so say I sent ya if anyone asks, just dont go too mad among other members when in game as we tend to work as a team and never do the run and gun thing ingame if we can help it.

Heres the site if you are interested:-


See you ingame sometime.

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The =TAW= servers are still working. WE also just upgraded both the TDM and COOP servers to 32 slots. So drop in any time and play. :o=

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