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Ace Combat Assault Horizon.

It amazes me how much game developers feel they need to dumb the games down for people! the fact that apparently switching to classic mode is for "more experienced players." I remember in AC4 you got the classic controls and you were taught how to use them correctly.

i switched to classic mode because i couldn't gain enough control of my plane to follow my target wherever they went, or do the stupidly crazy, but fun things i used to do in ace combat 4.

i think there are too many "modes" to breathe in the game, dumbed down for the player who can't be arsed putting their brain into the game. the classic ace combats just let you decide what you wanted to do with no questions asked.

and i felt like i was forced to counter manoeuvre all the time when i was concentrating on ground targets, which got tedious very quickly.

although it's a big disappointment, there were some fun bits one thing they haven't dumbed down is the soundtrack. loved it. glad i got the limited edition now.

What are your thoughts on the game?

(mods feel free to move this. i got lost in the forum so i've placed it here)

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