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2 player coop setup HELP!

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I had only ever played GRAW 2 single player campaign but a friend of mine who likes this type of game has just sorted out live etc. Lastnight we spent 2 hours trying to work out how we play 2 player online campaign coop to no avail.

We tried starting clans and inviting each other but couldn't even seem to do that, all I want is to know how to start a 2 player campaign coop with a friend, didn't think it could be that difficult, please advise and make a couple of old gamers happy!

Appologise in advance for being idiots!

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I don't think you are idiots, sometimes setting up games is not as instinctive as it should be.

Unfortunately I don't have the console version installed so I can't help, but there is some fairly recent co-op discussion on the xbox live forums right here. Maybe try asking there, and let me know how you get on please :thumbsup:

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If you still have not figured it out....

here are the steps.(granted both of you have active xbox live)

Main Menu > Multiplayer > Xbox Live > Play Game > Sign In/Identity Set Up > Player Match > From here you can search for a game that is already created or you can create your own. To join a game go to Custom Match > Mode: Campaign then hit 'A' to search for games. To create your own game, go to Create Public Match or Create Private Match. From there you can select Campaign for the mode and set up which ever mission you want.

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