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TXM Poll - 01-03-12

   8 votes

  1. 1. What makes a mission most memorable to you?

    • A good old classic firefight against reactive and intelligent AI.
    • Loads of explosions, fires, smoke, and debris crashing down around me.
    • Exciting and unique aspects, such as mines, traps, and surprises.
  2. 2. Do you enjoy a cinematic environment in missions?

    • No. Ghost Recon is not a movie, it is a game. I don't play to get surprised by what happens when I walk in zone A, or what doesn't happen when I go to zone B.
    • An occasional cinematic or obviously scripted event or explosion can add some interesting aspects to a mission.
    • I love watching a story unfold through scripted action.
  3. 3. Overall, what makes a mod most favorable in your opinion?

    • Good kit setups and weapon selections.
    • Well-scripted missions and storylines.
    • Beautiful and realistic maps and environments.

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01-03-12 Texas Militia poll.

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