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I know J meet the requirements

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Sorry, first had this in "General Discussion." If a monitor want's to take that one, I tried.



Has anyone ever developed a patch for this?


On install I got an error that stated my system did not meet the requirements necessary to run the game, "Video Card" and "Shader model."

My processor is a 2.9 P-4

1 G. RAM

40 G HD


Yes, I have read the "read me" that explains this (Albeit a bit too late.)

I just wanted to know if anyone's ever developed a patch for this?

I'd really love to play this game!

I've about worn my original Ghost Recon out. (All the Mods too)

Any help would be great!

Thank you.



NEW Info

ok, tried the patch. (Patch won.t run.) Patch says can't find installed version of the game. Tried every which way.

Crash report as follows: (From Game)

Crash in application version: 29980.2562

StretchRect() failed in D3DBackBufferCopyTexture.

The method call is invalid (probably due to invalid parameters).

Renderer: normal

Physics : threaded

Now the "Shader model" of 1.100000

And also

Graphic Driver Version 6392

Don't meet minium requirements

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you DO NOT meet the minimum requirements for the game, while you may have the video memory. The ATi mobility Radeon 9000 IGP is only a directX 8.1 card with shader model 1.4 GRAW requirements are a Shader model 2 card (I think) with directX 9 Compatibility

that's your card


GRAW requirements


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does stink a little, sorry about that, GRAW was a high requiring game in it's time though. if that's any constellation. :thumbsup:

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