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Pave Low

kotaku.com - E3 Hands-On article & video

kotaku.com have posted a Hands-On article and video from E3


NOTE: the Video just has a music track - there is no game or E3 sounds (they use onscreen "flash cards" for commentary)

Hands-On With The Wii U’s First Third-Person Shooter

Ghost Recon Online for the Wii U is a third-person shooter for Nintendo's next big thing packed with tons of cool bells and whistles. It also demonstrates some of the big hurdles the new console will face when trying to satisfy hardcore gamers.

I'm a long-time shooter fan, so I was very excited for a chance to get my hands on Ubisoft's shooter for the Wii U.

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I'd just like to take this opportunity to say that we had been developing the game on Wii U dev kit controllers, which are very different from the controllers they unveiled at E3.

Since we hadn't actually seen the new ones before the announcement(super secrecy), the controls were not tuned to the new controller,

and that may have led to the Kotaku journalist's discomfort.

We are still a year away from shipping and still working on the controls and how they feel.

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That is interesting, although the Wii U was super secret prior to the official announcement, I think most of us were probably guilty of assuming that the secrecy didn't extend to development teams.

With a year to launch it's quite intriguing to think what innovative ways you are going to dream up for that controller.

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