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Chief Larry

[change day missions to night missions ?]

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I am still new at this, can anyone tell me how you can change the day missions in GRAW 1 to night missions & still be able to run in cammpain mode? thx Larry

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takes a big effort in making stand-alone maps out of each and re-rendering the lighting. That will require that you completely strip out all non-shadow dropping objects from each world file for most maps, as they will otherwise run out of memory. It can be done, but why would you? The silly AI has permanent night vision, just like they can look through trees. It just makes it harder for the player while everything else would still be the same (ok, you can give AI a flashlihgt by swapping some enemy groups for the night type).

All a lot of work for single player - something nobody I play with ever does. I can think of a lot of ways to use the time required to do this to generate maps that have much more replay-ability and a much more positive playtime versus time invested ratio.

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