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audio language problem with brettzies´smod

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hi all again..well i playing again both games with the brettzies mod installed and run perfect but i have a little problem in GRAW 1...in some parts of the misssions the audio turn to english instead of the native language of my settings(spanish)...for example ...cpt.michell main character speak in spanish with the apache pilot and apache pilot respond in english or vice versa....this not a big problem because i understand more or less well the english-speakers but i like solve this...for more info... the text in screen .... no have any problem....can some one help me thx in advance

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that happens because the mod is using the default language, which is english.

to solve this you will need to install the mod differently.

1. navigate to your graw directory, open the local folder and make a back up of the spanish folder.

2. open the bretzie mod folder (which should be in the same location) and copy all of the folders

3. paste the copied folders into the spanish folder

4. open the context.xml (located in your main graw directory) and change the language to spanish

note: some of the text will still be in english, to fix that you would need to edit all mod files what contain text. as far as i remember its only in the strings.

hope that helps you.

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