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mods for graw

I have been playing Ghost Recon 1 since the release back in the 90's and haven't ventured away from it since. Now I am thinking about downloading GRAW and was curious if the mods from [GR] work with GRAW or are they different. The reason I ask is because I bought all the mod dvd's from ghostrecon.net for [GR]. If anyone had some insight on this I would apprieciate it. Also, how is the game play compared to GR! :pirate:

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Hi Welcome to the site,

Not sure why you posted this in the "Ghost Recon 2 Console " forum ....

GR2 Console - General Discussion

Discussion of Ghost Recon 2 for Consoles.

but I'll move it to the GR:AW PC forums

No, GR mods do not work with GR:AW, as it's a completely different game with a completely different engine.

GR:AW and GR:AW 2 are good games that are fun to play and are both worth getting (especially as they can be picked up in the “bargain bin” nowadays), but they aren’t as great as GR.

There are plenty of GR:AW & GR:AW 2 mods available (Although most do seem to be in the vein of a huge firefight with 300+ enemy, with snipers and machine-gunners in every bush and rock) - see our download section here

and GR:AW mods are installed in a different way too - See the site FAQ's

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Thanks for the fast response. I am downloading graw now and am going to try it out but like you said....nothing beats the original and there is such an awesome following for it. Nothing like a fridaynite a case of beer and online recon. Next thing you know the sun is coming up and the wife is ###### cause you sleep all day. At least that's what happens to me. Lol . Long live ghost recon

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