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Virgin Media "up to 100 Meg" Broadband from Dec 2010

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Damn, not having super fast broadband just kills me.

Anyway, got my new router earlier (so jumped from 20mb to 30mb connection) than expected and here is the differece:



STEAM downloads have increased from 2.3mb p/s to a wopping 3.7mb p/s! :blink:

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Woohoo internet is BACK!

That's great Cobs, also, interesting to see your speed test registered faster speeds than you are actually paying for, which is exactly what the industry watchdog found in their recent tests. Virgin cable is wiping the floor with the other ISPs at the moment.

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Yup, which is one of the problems I seem to be having translating that to my inlaws... (even explaining this to O2 customer services took a while and she even questioned why I would need more :wacko: )

They have an ADSL connection that will allow up to 20mb's... so this is what they think they are getting. However, a quick speedtest later and it shows they aren't getting anywhere near those numbers and are instead on something more like 4-6mb's.

So yes, you are right, with Virgin I get what I pay for and then some. With ADSL services I've found this to be very, very different.

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I would honestly be fairly content(at least for a few years) with 2mbit down, 2mbit up, low latency, and no monthly bandwidth cap.

All this talk about 100megabit and stuff seems kinda silly to me tbh.

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