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Virgin Media "up to 100 Meg" Broadband from Dec 2010

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It aims to provide the service to over 50% of the UK by mid-2012, beginning in December with 200,000 homes in London, the Home Counties and West Yorkshire

The first towns earmarked for the super-fast service are Chelmsford, Farnborough and Heckmondwike in West Yorkshire.

The 100Mbit/s service will come with a new Virgin Media-branded combined cable modem and 802.11n router.

It will launch at £45 per month as a standalone package, or £35 with an £11.99 per month phone line. The current top package costs £38 per month on its own.

Virgin's 100Mbps service will offer upload speeds of 10Mbps.

You can register for notification when you area is about to be upgraded

Push your computer to the limit!

…with new up to 100Mb broadband from Virgin Media.

Our speediest broadband yet, it means that everyone in the house can do everything they want online. All at the same time, and faster than ever before.

Want to download music in double-quick time? A track takes (blink and you’ll miss it) less than half a second. Itching to get your hands on an HD movie? It’s yours in just 7 short minutes. That’s the Virgin Media 100Mb broadband experience.

It’s going to start rolling out to selected Virgin Media cabled areas this year and continue through to early 2012.

Want to know when we're in your area?

Pop in your postcode:

and for me.......

Whoosh! Get ready for up to 100Mb broadband

Strap yourself in, because up to 100Mb broadband is coming your way!

As you’re in a fibre optic cable area, soon you’ll be able to enjoy our fastest broadband ever.

Enter your details below and we will get in touch as soon as it is available in your area.

"Prepare ship for ludicrous speed! Fasten all seatbelts, seal all entrances and exits, close all shops in the mall, cancel the three ring circus, secure all animals in the zoo!"

muahahaha :devil:

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I'm fibre too, so 100Mb is coming my way soon. I only recently went to 50Mb and I honesty cannot for the life of me think why I would need 100Mb - and I do a lot of internet as you know.

50Mb uptake is apparently quite slow, I can understand why, as 20Mb is still extremely fast. So I really don't know what kind of numbers Virgin are expecting for the 100Mb. If I was to make a wild uninformed guess, I'd say less than 3% will pay extra for 100Mb. What do you think Pave?

Edit, I just thought of one thing - LoveFilm DVD rental by mail service is apparently moving to digital distribution via PS3. Having a high speed would mean your movie download would arrive a bit quicker, but really, between 50Mb and 100Mb, how much quicker is a movie going to arrive, 2 minutes? :rolleyes:

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I have a 100/15 cable connection and it's very nice... But yeah the difference between 50 mbps and 100 mbps is not noticeable unless you're downloading a LOT at the same time. Most servers just can't keep up with sending you things at that rate.

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Going from 50 to 100 will only be £7 more per month, so it's a bit of a no-brainer for most heavy users on 50 to Double their D/L speeds

*and could be a smart marketing plan from VM to sell it (otherwise if it was too high, yes most people would stick on 50 as it's normally enough for most days)

“Virgin Media is putting clear blue water between it and BT with this new 100Mb broadband service.”

“Rather like car companies are in a horsepower war – the broadband companies are in a Mb war.

VM already have some trial households on 200 Mb and VM have indicated a goal looking at 400 Mb ! 2012-2014 (they are already working on a brand new 400 Mb router) and then to 1 Gb (by 2017) :wacko:

Yeah, Rocky probably only 3-5 minutes difference for a single film/show download (hardly earthshaking) but will be more noticeable with streaming media and particularly as MeanMF said when doing lots of separate things at the same time or with several PCs/laptops/Game consoles simultaneously accessing the net (or more accurately it will be the lack of net slowdown/spikes that you wont notice during use :lol: )

one big incentive that many people may not spot straight away because they focus on the "huge" download speed, is the upload speed for 100 is a whopping 10 Mb !!

    (*50Mb currently has an upload of 1.5 Mb and is scheduled to increase to 5 Mb "soon")

Now that will definitely be very noticeable for myself and Rocky (eg when uploading mods and stuff for the sites Etc) and would be worth an extra fiver in its own right

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Yeah the upload speed was the main reason I upgraded my connection. It's a choice between 30/5 and 100/15. The 3x upload speed really makes a difference when I'm working from home and need to move files back and forth to the office.

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Virgin Media has taken its 100Mbps service live now in four parts of the country, the lucky areas are:

* Heckmondwike

* Farnborough

* Colchester

* Barry, South Wales

The roll-out will continue across the Virgin Media cable network during 2011 with completion set for 2012, at which point almost half the UK will have the option for a 100Meg service at a reasonable price point. The 10Meg upstream speed is respectable, and given powerful enough video encoding solutions would allow someone at home to transmit video at current HD TV levels.


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Amazing. I read the other day that only 1% of the country have speeds above 20Mb, so if you have, think yourself lucky!

Those upload speeds are awesome, I can still remember debates in the cable forums with customers complaining about the rubbish cable upload speed and people saying "it's the cable technology, it can't handle up and down speeds like ADSL can". Looks like they figured a way!

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The latest sites to be upgraded for 100Mb are:

• Cheshunt

• Hatfield

• Pentwyn

• Southport

• Treforrest

and here is the full Current 100 Mbt roll-out schedule:

Virgin Broadband up to 100Mb service – when is it coming to your area?

Keep an eye on this schedule for updates as rolling out this service

across the Virgin Media network is a complex process and timings may


Last updated: 13/01/11

Location , Short name , It is estimated that 100Mb will be available by the end of...

Acton acto Being planned

Addlestone addl Jun-11

Aldershot alde Sep-11

Amersham amer Sep-11

Andover ando Sep-11

Ashford asfd Jun-11

Ashton asht Jun-11

Aylesbury ayle Sep-11

Baguley bagu Being planned

Barnsley barn Jun-11

Barrhead bahd Mar-11

Barry bary Available now

Basford basf Jun-11

Basildon basl Being planned

Bath bath Being planned

Bedford (North Beds) bedf Mar-11

Belfast belf Being planned

Belfast City belc Jun-11

Belfast East bele Sep-11

Benwell benw Jun-11

Bexleyheath bexl Being planned

Biggleswade bigg Sep-11

Birkenhead birk Sep-11

Bishopbriggs bbrg Jun-11

Bishops Stortford bsfd Being planned

Blackburn blbn Jun-11

Blackpool blac Sep-11

Bolton bolt Being planned

Bournemouth (Charminster) bour Being planned

Bradford brad Being planned

Brighton brig Being planned

Bristol (Aztec West) aztw Being planned

Bromborough brmb Sep-11

Bromley bmly Being planned

Bromsgrove brom Jun-11

Broomhill broo Sep-11

Burnley burn Sep-11

Camberley cbly Mar-11

Cambridge cmbg Being planned

Camden camd Being planned

Canniesburn cani Mar-11

Cardiff cdif Mar-11

CastleCary cast Being planned

Chelmsford chms Sep-11

Chelmsley Wood chwo Jun-11

Cheshunt ches Available now

Chesterfield chfd Jun-11

Clifton clif Jun-11

Clydebank clyd Mar-11

Colchester colc Available now

copdock(Ipswich) ipsw Being planned

Cosham cosh Being planned

Coventry cove Being planned

Cowcaddens cowc Sep-11

Crawley craw Being planned

Croydon croy Being planned

Cwmbran cwbn Mar-11

Cwmbwrla cwma Sep-11

Dalston dals Jun-11

Darlington darl Sep-11

Derby derb Jun-11

Doncaster donc Mar-11

Dover dove Sep-11

Dudley dudl Mar-11

Dumbarton dumb Being planned

Dundee dund Being planned

Dunstable duns Mar-11

Ely ely0 Mar-11

Enfield enfi Mar-11

Epsom epso Mar-11

Erskine ersk Jun-11

Fareham fare Sep-11

Farnborough farn Available now

Finchley (Barnet) finc Being planned

Flitwick flit Sep-11

Folkestone folk Sep-11

Gateshead gate Being planned

Gillingham gill Being planned

Glengormley glen Jun-11

Glenrothes grth Being planned

Gorseinon gors Mar-11

Grantham gran Mar-11

Great Yarmouth gtya Sep-11

Greenock grnk Mar-11

Grimsby grim Sep-11

Guildford glfd Jun-11

Halifax hali Sep-11

Harbourne harb Being planned

Haringey hari Sep-11

Harrogate harg Sep-11

Hartlepool hart Being planned

Hatfield hatf Available now

Havant hava Jun-11

Hawkfield hawk Being planned

Hayes haye Being planned

Heckmondwike heck Available now

Hemel Hempstead heme Sep-11

Hersham hers Jun-11

Hinckley hink Mar-11

Hitchin hitc Jun-11

Horndean horn Jun-11

Huddersfield hudd Being planned

Jarrow jarr Being planned

Johnstone john Sep-11

Kempston kemp Jun-11

Kings Norton king Being planned

Kirkintilloch kirk Jun-11

Knowsley know Sep-11

Lancing lanc Jun-11

Leatherhead leat Mar-11

Leeds (Leeds South) lee2 Being planned

Leicester leic Sep-11

Lewisham lewi Being planned

Lichfield lich Sep-11

Lincoln linc Being planned

Linlithgow linl Being planned

Lisburn lisb Sep-11

Liverpool live Being planned

Livingston livi Jun-11

Locksheath lock Sep-11

Londonderry ldry Jun-11

Luton lutn Being planned

Macclesfield macc Sep-11

Maidstone maid Being planned

Mansfield mfld Being planned

Mapperley mapp Sep-11

Marske mars Sep-11

Marylebone (Westminster) mary Sep-11

Melton melt Jun-11

Middlesbrough midd Being planned

Mortlake mort Being planned

Nailsea nail Mar-11

Neath neat Jun-11

New Malden nmal Being planned

Newark nwrk Sep-11

Newcastle (New York) newc Being planned

Newport (Newport West) newp Sep-11

Newport (Newport East) new2 Jun-11

Newton Abbott newt Being planned

Northampton east nrte Sep-11

Northfields nfds Being planned

Norwich nrwh Being planned

Nottingham nott Jun-11

Oldham oldh Being planned

Orpington orpi Sep-11

Oxford oxfd Sep-11

Papworth papw Jun-11

Penarth pnth Jun-11

Pentwyn pnwn Available now

Perry Bar (Witton) perr Sep-11

Perth pert Being planned

Peterborough pete Being planned

Poole pool Being planned

Port Talbot ptal Jun-11

Portsmouth pmth Sep-11

Preston pres Sep-11

Rawtenstall rawt Sep-11

Reading rdng Being planned

Reigate reig Sep-11

Renfrew renf Mar-11

Rochdale roch Jun-11

Rotherham roth Mar-11

Runcorn runc Jun-11

Rutherglen ruth Jun-11

Salford salf Being planned

Salisbury sals Sep-11

Sandwell sand Sep-11

S######horpe scun Sep-11

Seacroft (Leeds

Seacroft) seac Being planned

Seven Kings seve Being planned

Sheffield shef Being planned

Shepshed shep Being planned

Shettleston shet Jun-11

Sketty sket Mar-11

Slough slou Being planned

SmallHeath smal Being planned

Solihull Soli Jun-11

South Gyle (Edinburgh) sgyl Being planned

South Lambeth slam Being planned

Southampton sotn Jun-11

Southend sout Sep-11

Southport sprt Available now

St Mellons stme Mar-11

Stafford staf Sep-11

Staple Hill (Chapel/ Morley Rd) chap Being planned

Stapleford stap Jun-11

Staverton stav Being planned

Stevenage stev Mar-11

Stockport stkp Mar-11

Stockton stkn Being planned

Stoke stok Being planned

Stretford stre Sep-11

Sunderland (Wearside) sund Sep-11

Sutton Coldfield sutt Sep-11

Swansea swan Jun-11

Swindon swin Sep-11

Telford telf Mar-11

Thornliebank (Eastwood) thor Sep-11

Tilbury tilb Sep-11

Tonbridge tonb Sep-11

Tower Hamlets popl Sep-11

Treforrest tref Available now

Trowbridge trow Mar-11

Uddingston uddi Being planned

Wakefield wake Sep-11

Walsall wals Being planned

Waltham Forest (Waltham Park) walt Being planned

Wardley ward Mar-11

Ware ware Jun-11

Warrington warr Being planned

Warwick warw Sep-11

Watford watf Being planned

Whitchurch whit Jun-11

Wigan wiga Being planned

Wilmslow wilm Sep-11

Wisbech wisb Sep-11

Withington with Jun-11

Woking woki Sep-11

Wolverhampton wolv Being planned

Yeadon (Leeds North) yead Sep-11

York york Jun-11

Not sure how to tell which location you’re connected to?

If you’re an existing customer, you can find out your location on our network by following these steps when online at


1. Go to http://tools.virginmedia.com

2. Under “Your Access Info”, note down the details of your Client Host Name

3. The Client Host Name contains the 4 digit location short name listed in the rollout schedule – and you can use

this to find out the estimated rollout to your location. e.g xxxx.hari.cable.virginmedia.com = Haringey

If you don't already have Virgin Broadband, check your post code at www.virginmedia.com/broadband to find out what

services are currently available in your area – if you are in a cable area, you can enjoy up to 50Mb straight away!

:D:yay: June 2011 ! :yay:

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  • 2 months later...

Same, also says the "being planned".

Thank god for Virgin Media though, without them I would be stuck with about 4-5mb with ADSL.

I currently have the 20mb connection and I don't see the need to go up to the 50mb version yet. Does everything I need from it currently, although it does seem to creep along at peak times - however pings are pretty low from it so can not complain.

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I just made the move to 50MB from the 20MB the upload speeds are fast and yes the download is too but, with the 20MB i was getting 17-18MB even at peak times but with the 50MB the highest i have seen is 43MB but it averages around 35MB, I have read emails from Virgine saying there going to do away with the 20MB service and put it up to 30MB. if they can give the same kind of high averge speeds as they did with 20MB then it might not be worth the cost of changing to the 50MB

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How do "peak times" effect your download speeds?

It might just be that time of the night, but I'm getting less than 5mb's right now, when normally I've always been used to getting about 19mbs.

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There don't seem to be much of a drop in DL speeds for me , unless im DLing something @ 1.5GB then it seems to slow down quite a bit,

That said it does depend alot on the site, ive noticed the places like File front i get really bad speeds on while other poeple get good speeds

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there going to do away with the 20MB service and put it up to 30MB. if they can give the same kind of high averge speeds as they did with 20MB then it might not be worth the cost of changing to the 50MB

Phoned Virgin up about this today. I'm still on a half price agreement with them after we joined them back in December '10, so if I was to get the upgrade to 30mb connection I'd lose the half price deal that's due to run until July - I'm staying the same until then.

Also, the upgrade isn't free. Existing customers will have to pay £30 for their new super hub, which to me sounds extremely OTT, especially as I am gathering they will want their old modem back too. Oh and even if I use my own modem it will still cost £30 irregardless!

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They didnt take the old modem, Engineer told me to chuck it in the bin !! The super hub came free with the 50MB so its just the increace in service cost, I understand that they are doing alot of work on there hubs and servers at the moment , in my area we have had email and service outages over the last few weeks, they have not been off for long though, seems there having a massive up grade and getting ride of alot of the old NTL stuff. i still have and NTL email address and it seems they could be going soon as well.

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This is mine. And has been same since the little hiccup they had the other day.

Connection overall is superb from Virgin and once July comes around I shall upgrade to the 30mg connection, why? Just because I'm a greedy ######.

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  • 3 months later...

*50Mb currently has an upload of 1.5 Mb and is scheduled to increase to 5 Mb "soon"

not particularly "soon" but exactly as they promised,

Just got email from virgin - they have now increased all upload speeds for free in my area


You're already enjoying our speedy upload speeds but here's some great news for you. Your uploads have just got even faster and it's absolutely free of charge!

Why should I care about upload speeds?

Every time you send an email, use V Stuff - our Backup & Storage service to upload files and folders, share your holiday snaps on Facebook or even tweet, you're uploading.

What are we doing?

We're rolling out faster upload speeds on our fibre optic broadband and we're pleased to say they're now available in your area. This is a free upgrade for all our customers.

Take a look at your new speed here:

Package      Download           New Upload      Increase

M Up to 10Mb Up to 1Mb Double

L Up to 10Mb Up to 1Mb Double

XL Up to 20Mb Up to 2Mb More than double

XL Up to 30Mb Up to 3Mb Triple

XXL Up to 50Mb Up to 5Mb More than triple[/code]

How do I get them?

All you have to do to get the new speeds is switch your cable modem off at the wall, wait 10 seconds and switch it back on again. It really is that easy!

Want to know more?

If you want to find out more about upload speeds and your free upgrade go to www.virginmedia.com/fasteruploads

We hope you enjoy your faster upload speeds.

Mark Davidson

Executive Director, Customer Care

Sure enough rebooted router and....

Upload speed has now more than tripled :yay::D (and this is at peak load time too)



and still as silky smooth


Oh yeah.... and right on schedule my local exchange has been upgraded ready for 100 Meg

nearly time for ludicrous speed

"[i]Prepare ship for ludicrous speed! Fasten all seatbelts, seal all entrances and exits, close all shops in the mall, cancel the three ring circus, secure all animals in the zoo![/i]"

muahahaha :devil:

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That's awesome, higher upload speed is really going to help with running things around here!

You probably saw the same complaints "back in the day" when people moaned about cable upload speeds not being as good as ADSL, and the forum replies for Virgin tech and other customers was that cable by its very nature could not handle higher upload speeds, that was back when the up stream was 384 Kb/sec or something. Look at it now, awesome!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well took the jump and upgraded from the 20mb to the 30mb.

£30 to upgrade, free Super router, which is hopefully going to be better than the present one for wirelessd access... will keep the wife happy at least.

The extra 10mb download, plus the extra 1mb upload (woot woot!!) will certainly come in handy.... especially good for beating the "download the patch/upgrade before anyone else competition".

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