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ATI radeon HD 5450 PSU requirements

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AMD recommends a 400w PSU for it to run but ive heard of people running the card on 250w easily, so should i risk it i always thought they boosted the requirements a bit to prevent too many warranty claims.

an HD 4550 draws 25w when 350w is required compared to the 5450's 20w draw and its 400w requirement it doesnt make sense. im looking at the lo pro version with no 6 pin requirement, on of those plug in a play types.

thanks for any advice i just want it future proof for at least 6 months

i have a 300w PSU if you didnt guess.

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Depends what other components you have in your system.

You can find an online calculator to input what hardware you have running on your system to determine how much total wattage your computer uses.

E.g. http://www.antec.outervision.com/

And of course your video card will draw less power if you mainly use it for 2D apps on your desktop vs 3D gaming

In the end, PSUs aren't too expensive to upgrade. 300W these days is pretty low for a gaming system nowadays. I would spend a bit on a good quality PSU from a reliable vendor.

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thanks i ended up going for a 4550 after i found it could play m favorite games with virtually no lag (my games are about 2 years old)

ooooohhh i came just under 300W with that calculator if i was to run the 5450 on there 299w

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