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Beware of New Email Worm “Here you have” virus

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A fast-moving email worm that began spreading on Thursday has been able to affect hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide, anti-virus provider Symantec warned.

The email arrives with the subject “Here you have.” An executable screensaver that’s disguised as a PDF document then tries to send the same message to everyone listed in the recipient’s address book. The .scr file is a variation of the W32.Imsolk.A@mm worm Symantec discovered last month.

In addition to spreading through email, it can propagate through mapped drives, autorun and instant messenger. It also has the ability to disable various security programs.

symantec blog - New Round of Email Worm, "Here you have"

Mcafee labs blog - Widespread Reporting of “Here you have” Virus (aka W32/VBMania@MM)

McAfee - W32/VBMania@MM

symantec - W32.Imsolk.B@mm

darknet - Email Worm Spreading Like Wildfire – W32.Imsolk/VBMania Variant

computersecurityarticles - Widespread Reporting of “Here you have” Virus (aka W32/VBMania@MM)

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‘Here you have’ virus hits big U.S. companies hard

An insidious new email virus infiltrated high-profile U.S. companies Thursday, flooding inboxes and shutting down email servers at Comcast, ABC and Coca-Cola.

The virus spread rapidly throughout the day, with reports that Google, Disney and NASA were also hit hard by “Here you have,” named for the email’s subject line.

“Wow huge email-spam-virus filling up my wrk email-box,” tweeted Good Morning America weatherman Sam Champion.

“We had to shut down our email servers totally. blocked it now. I didn’t click it, but others did,” added ComcastBonnie, the company’s “Official Tweeter.”

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Who opens their junkmail anyway?


So am I when I open my junkmail only to find pics of teh nekkid wumunz. :shifty::whistle:

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