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New GRFS PS3 Theme out.

For owners of the PS3,

There is now a Future soldier theme available for you to download from the following link,


To access through your PS3 browser use the short link of http://www.ps3-themes.com,then type ghost recon.

Click on the download link and then go to your theme settings and install,fairly simple stuff.

You can also use their search feature to gain other themes on games and people.

Heres a thumbnail of it installed.



On a seperate note heres a Socom one I just downloaded-not bad,


and I cant leave you guys out so here you go,lol. :thumbsup:

I didnt thumbnail the following,I thought Id save you the effort of having to click your mouse and wait for an enlargement,just scroll baby.




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WoW core blimey chief are those hot babes in GR:FS?, hehe, nice.

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are those hot babes in GR:FS?

A futuristic Megan Fox wielding shoulder-mounted rocket launchers and invisibility cloaks? 'Twould be most interesting, most interested indeed.

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