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could have worked a little harder

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well i got this game for ps2 years ago and i've got to say i'm disappointed in ubi for not trying a little harder the reason being is games like resident evil 4



the quality of graphics on that is stunning and considering it came out in 2005 it is older than GRAW and also the action areas on resident evil 4 are much larger and there are much more enemies and things to look out for unlike the ps2 version of GRAW wich is pretty much the opposite.

another great game is 2004's killzone

with its amazing realism and yet again a massive area of combat



the characters on the game were so realistic i was blown away by that too these are both games were a gun and tactics are needed and they are both older than GRAW and still they deliver better graphics and realism so does anyone agree that they sholudve tried a little harder. i would quite happily allow such a thing to be delayed (only for xbox and ps2 though) so they could make it live up to the standards of two years before hand i wouldnt be bothered, my computer could play the game fine anyway

what about you?

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GR:AW absolutely failed for the PS2. Yes they could have worked harder on it but even though it was released for the PS2, Xbox, and Xbox 360, in my own personal opinion, i think that the Xbox release was done the best. The same can be said for the release of Splinter Cell: Double Agent. After playing GR:AW on the PS2 I now live by the standard that: If the game is release on the Xbox/360 and also on the PS2, DO NOT GET PS2 VERSION...just saying. lol

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