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iPhone Leak: Police Seize Gizmodo Computers

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OMG! now the police are involved, Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team (REACT) have seized four computers from the home of the Gizmodo's site editor.

Following last week's leak of the fourth generation iPhone, police have seized computers and other hardware used by Gizmodo.com, the tech blog who paid for, and later posted a detailed analysis, of the prototype device. According to reports today, California Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team (REACT) entered and searched the home of Gizmodo editor, Jason Chen, and seized four computers, two servers, and other components as potential evidence in their investigation of the theft, sale, and transportation of Apple's prototype technology.


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Wow! Thanks for posting, I had not heard this.

When you think about it though, Apple must have been absolutely seething about this leak, not just because it robbed them of the excitement gained from an official announcement, but because it has very real financial implications. So with that in mind, I suppose it was obvious there was going to be something serious to follow up behind the rather nice "please may we have our gadget back" letter.

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