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Zonalarm Security Suite - CPU Spike/Slow Down Issues

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I just installed last night the latest Zonealarm Security Suite Release - 9.1.507.000.

After reboot it rendered my pc running like a 5 year old pc. I checked usage and it was spiking CPU every 4-5 seconds each of which was then having hard drive access chug away for each of these, and it was non stop. Anything I tried to do would hold up per spike ... it was a joke. I watched the drive light, it was flickering and then full access for 3 seconds, then stop ... then repeat like clockwork.

I checked all processes and nothing out of the ordinary .. so I simply ended Zonealarm and quit. Instantly it all returned to normal, drive just turning over as usual and CPU zero's out wile doing nothing. Loaded it again, and it was chug fest once more. I reverted back to the release version I was at just before and its all back to normal.

Im XP SP3/AMD 3gig x2 etc etc here running no other AV or systray crap, all is the same as normal "around" ZA but with this new version it was a joke. I never had any issues with it what so ever until this one.

I thought id post for others for ref, and to see if anyone else experienced this via XP/Vista/Win7.

I don't have time to faff around with it for testing fully on my dual boot but I do hope they get a fix out, I will report it to zonelabs anyway bit thought Id post here also just to see.

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