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Stars In Your Eyes - Matthew Kelly Parody (UK)

Caravan Sketch

Noels Addicts (Noel Edmond's Parody UK)

Noel Edmonds Tribute - (Not supposed to be funny but if your from the UK I think you might)

This is UK humor, some may or may not find it funny.

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Well...all I can say at this point Led'...is I just hope help arrived in time. :wacko: Did you see the look on his face?

Here, Seth MacFarlane does an impression of Captain James T. Kirk. The creator of 'Family Guy' doesn't do the best Shatner here, but if you know the episode that he's making fun of then you'll appreciate it.


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Here you go. A cool marketing campaign idea in the form of rap track/video by a dairy company from my home county. It's full of local humour (so those of you from other places might not 'get' some of it), but there is a serious message behind the video/campaign.

JFYI, this is real dairy company. And no, they are NOT saying 'yo', they saying 'yeo.' It would have 100x better/funnier if they had used 100% the correct accent along with more of the dialect (Samwise from LoTR has the correct accent, but is lacking in dialect department - he practically speaks standard English, but with the accent from my area.) Although, some of the words the guys use are from the dialect, and *almost* have some of the pronounciation spot on, but it's not consistent (one minute they try to pronounce stuff like in the dialect, next minute they pronounce stuff like standard English.) The girl's verse gives a pretty good idea of the pronounciation of how we hardly pronounce L's (sounding more like a W on the end of a word, so 'real' sounds more like 'reaw'); the first rapper guy does a good pretty good job on the pronounciation of our T's (hardly pronounced, but in some dialects in the area, pronounced more like a half pronounced D); they all fail on the omission of H's.

00:50 - Check it out, Ted the owl agrees with conservation of the countryside. :yes:

I'm looken gur' in ma cap'n ma shur'

Translation: I'm looking great in my cap and my shirt

^FTW man. FTW.^

I'm in my wax coat and boots, I'm proper Farmer Giles,

Now look, you urban folk, you stole our style.

Big up ya chest, represent the [south] West! These guys for Christmas number 1, not that X-Factor rubbish. :)

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