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Problem, Can't finish mission [#9 - Bulldog]


I am stuck in a mission in GRAW 1.

Hope somebody are able to help me.

The mission is about Neutralizing Roadblocks to make room for a Convoy to pass - What I can't figure out is how to end the mission.

The enemies on the Roadblock are gone, two Abrams tanks has passed it (but something seems to stop them further ahead).

My biggest problem is that I'm stuck on a roof, and can't get down.

The Yellow "Objective Square" is still on the same spot as it was from the start of the mission...

Obviously there is something I have not done or completed, but I can't figure out what that is. :wall:

Can anybody help me out here...? :blush:

Thanks' in advance

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Yep - you are right, both about the 360 version, and the mission...

Very impressive - and very fast.

I will look into your link, hopefully this will get me back on the track

Thanks' for your answer - :)


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