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Cpl Ledanek

need advice on headphone amp + LOD

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finally took a pic on what I'm getting by with (sorry for crappy pic)


32GB iPod Touch and DT770

Could really use some advice to make experience better

Need an amp for the DT770 and a decent LOD...if possible all under $50-75

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Why do you want an amp for that - You gonna be banging out those tracks down a local nightclub or something?

The music still sounds awesome through Creative X-Fi, without any amps. You just gotta have the EQ and other enhancements set up correctly. Even the audi reproduction on my Zen X-Fi still sounds awesome and certainly doesn't need an amp to boost the bass etc with the correct settings enabled. A lot also depends on the headphones- no good having an amp churning out all that bass if your headphones do not reproduce bass very well at high volumes/max bass settings.

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the cans are no problem itself. it's the iPod Touch limited customizing EQ. Yeah the iPod Touch has various EQ settings already but, some of the movies I watched/listened to are running flat.

for example, I was watching Batman & Superman: Public Enemies. In between conversations and explosions, the explosions are flat. But when from an action scene to conversation, the talks are so low, I can't help but press the cans more flush to my ears.

Live performances, concerts are a hit or miss sometimes. I started to blame the recordings.

Example. Live performances in the 80's (Al Greens anthology) are awesome. You can even hear some of crowds cheers clearly. Celine Dion Live concert, flat <_<

the mashups that post on Facebook: are great. Boys2Men, surprisingly hit or miss. I thought it would be opposite.

I use either Mediaplayer or iTunes to rip at highest setting/ lossless.

I'm trying to research the Fiio E5 since it's the most compact, and budget wise headamp. But it's a hit or miss on the Touc <_< h.

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finally got my E5 with ghetto tape for now until LOD arrives.....so far, it's better when watching movies, I can finally hear the cowbells behind Andrea Bocelli's voice :whistle: , Kenny G sounded much "warmer,"....yet to try my mashup collections...I set the iPod Touch volume to 60% while setting the E5 at roughly around %60 also.

this is with E5 OEM audio cables....so far, happy with it. :thumbsup:
















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10-sec review

I got to excited and recharged at work thru USB PC then used it, as soon as it was ready (per manual)----it recharged quickly, but drained quickly with my DT770...maybe bcoz it's full size can or I left it on when I turned off my Touch.

On the Sen CX3800: added some "omff" or fuller sound when listening to Celion/Andrea Bocelli/Kenny G/Babyface.....vocal stuff...sound great....even old R&B Al Green etc...

Now the newer musics: Taylor Swift, Chemical Brothers, Michael Jackson....hardly any difference on CX38000 but again fuller on DT770.

maybe I'll get to experience more today at work or on the way to work....

it's still illegal to drive with full can headphone right?


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