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When posting for Tech support, please include the following information, as it helps us get answers to you faster.

Specify if a Laptop(if so , model and mfr. please) or not, and if a pre-built machine, make and model.

Windows Version


Sound Card

Video Card

DirectX Version

Driver versions for sound and video cards

Amount of System Ram

Amount of Video Ram

DxDiag (helps too) - To get this information, do the following.

Go to start, run, and type in DXDIAG.

At the bottom of the first page that comes up, is a save all info button. Click it, save the report, then copy and paste it here.

Also, post your IKE.log and IKEcrash.log from your main GR directory.

These can usually be found at C:\Program Files\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon

If a router problem or network/multiplayer issue, what kind of router and network card you have?

What kind of internet connection you have?

If you post this stuff with your problem, then we don't have to wait to respond to you until you get us the info.

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A side note, if you're having Crash To Desktop (CTD) isuues, post Ike.log as well. Especially when running mods. It can usually sort out the problem as well.

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