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OK here we go, this tournament is for all registered users, rival and alli clans all are welcome we have a tournament signup module in the navagation box BUT WAIT!!!!

before all =TS= members fill all spots depending on interested parties and the ammount of public response i'm gonna cap our involvment at 5 two man teams and reserve the rest of the slots for our public supporters.

OUR tournament module is fully functional, this is ware you register your team, and view the tournament bracket, each team will need to enter their match info ((( who won , lost etc. etc. it's easy to navagate and questions can be directed to myself or filitov in regards to it's operations. Put the word out lets get the team slots filled up. If this goes well we will host additional tournaments giving everyone a chance to participate

four tournaments, the winner of each tournament will go into the champion catagory

and then we will host a final count down to the ultimate champion

THIS IS A GR:AW T.D.M. Tournament

I did mention a prize didn't i, ok here it is to the winning team two $25 dollar gift cirtificats for newegg AND your purchase MUST be threw our newegg link on our front page. Thats it Stay tuned for more details as they unfold

Official game rules

#0 two man teams only

#1 there will be no camping at the enimys' spawn

#2 you are only allowed to participate once if your team looses thats it you're finished.

#3 all participants must be registered with the Team Stealth website

#4 gernades and heavy guns will be disabled for the tournament

#5 you must be 18 years of age or older

#6 visit Team Stealth to register

team stealth reserves the right to modify or add to the rules prior to but not after the begining of the tournament.


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