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Who uses Gmail?

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I just discovered the multiple inboxes feature, that pure rocks!

I can have a pane for starred items, one for forum reply notifications and one for unread emails. THis is going to really help with housekeeping.

Best thing I ever did with e-mail was switch to googlemail.

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I have used hotmail for many years with no problems until I got my iPhone and found out that it didn't sync my mail between the phone and PC.

Rocky advised me to try Gmail, so I gave it a go and I think it's much better than hotmail plus it syncs my mail, now I don't have to check all my mail twice.

I have also setup multiple inboxes, all my reply notifications are now separate from my regular mail.

There is also a "Gmail notifier" which you can download which sits in the Notification area and pops up when you receive new mail, I am surprised that this is an addon though as it come with hotmail as standard.

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