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Mission 5 - Briefing

Mission - *T5*_Russia's Watergate

Location - Inguri Dam, Georgian/Abkhazian Border

Date - 1 November 2009

Time - 09:00


Briefing -

Gentlemen - we have an urgent situation and thats why we have pulled you out of the sandbox and brought you here to Georgia. It seems the Southern Ossetian rebel invasion of Georgia last year was just a precursor to current events.

NATO now believes that the invasion may actually have been a deception initiated by the Russian government using military forces dressed as rebels, and Moscow is sending in more of it's forces with the intention of securing or destroying Georgia's pipelines.

Russia currently supplies about 85% of oil to Europe and Central Asia, however, several pipelines which run through Georgia maintain the crucial counter-balance to Russia's control of energy resources. If Russia gains control of this transport route it can hold the European Union to ransom. Hopefully, political discussions in the near future will find a peaceful settlement as nobody wants to wage war with the Russians, however, until a resolution is in place we must prevent them from crossing the border into Georgia.


This is where you fit in - your services will be required to help keep them at bay. They are trying to cross several borders including the Inguri Dam into Georgia and have a tank column heading there presently - your primary objective is to prevent those tanks from crossing into Georgia.

In addition, we want you to destroy two fuel silos on the Abkhazian border across the valley and sever radio communications to Moscow to prevent any further advance by Russia across this border.

Be prepared for heavy resistance and if you run low on anti-tank rockets - there is an ammunition crate near the Insertion Zone.

Good luck men.

Missions 5 & 6 here - LINK

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