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Windows 7 incoming!

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Other then this small hiccup I've been pretty impressed. I'm jumping from xp straight to this. I never used Vista.

Takes a bit to get used to the file structure and where everything is at.

I was having an issue getting firefox to work on this and then I realized it installed it to my user folder instead of the program files. I had to custom install it to the C drive program files and then I was able to use it without any problems.

The desk top images are definitely nice to look at and everything looks really crisp.

Ok so I should have used my head and realized it wasn't a motherboard driver issue. I went to the wireless cards website and there is a driver listed on there for windows 7. If I wasn't bald I'd be a blonde. Unfortunately I don't think they've fully released it yet. It has a release date of 11/2/09 but it's a really small file and when I download it, it has two folders in it "Win7x64" and "Win7x86" (what's this x86 by the way? I have a seperate folder for these types of programs on my hard drive). And each one of those folders are really small and contain a system file, security catelog, and set up information. No actual setup.exe. I'm trying the vista drivers now which is a much bigger file. See if that fixes it.

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Has anyone gotten a student copy from digital river? It seems that they're selling it for $30 dollars but that it's an upgrade version. I want to make sure I can do a full clean install. I have a retail upgrade version of Windows XP as well as a product key from a version that was installed on a computer I bought a long time ago. I dunno, this whole upgrade versus full version is annoying.

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Well, I ordered Win 7 Pro Full Version and was able to get the student discount. Downloaded the ISO image but I can't try it yet because I don't have any blank DVDs... doh!

Use the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool to setup your ISO on a USB flash drive.

Major benefit is a faster Windows 7 install. :thumbsup:

Win7 USB Download Tool

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