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Refresh problems ?

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Anybody else having any screen refresh problems ?

Im looking at the new post screen i go into a topic to post, I see the post in the topic, But next time i go in to that topic i cant see what i had posted or any other posts that appeared after mine :unsure: Now this were it get weired, if i do a screen refresh nothing happens, but i have a "compatability button on my web brouser if i use that, mine and all the other posts appear :rofl: Happy day i said i will run it in this mode, but after posting in another few more threads i go in the next time ( with compatability mode on ) and the same has happend only this time to get every thing to show from my post on in have to turn off compat mode !!

Im on EI8 running W7

Any ideas welcome ( except the usual dump EI and use FF cuz i dont like FF ) :thumbsup:

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