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Advice on buying a PC

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This computer at MESH is top of your budget


But it won't run Crysis Wars at all high settings with it's 1900 resolution.

For example, these benchmarks show that card can only manage 36 FPS on Far Cry 2 on all high at a lower 1680 resolution.

Assuming Crysis Wars is a simialr resource hog as Far Cry 2 (?) then you'd need to upgrade that graphics card.

Hope that helps!

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No adding a second card is generally something you do when trying to get some extended life out of an older PC.

For a new build put in the best card you can afford. Usually set your budget, then visit a benchmarking site that ranks all cards and come down from the top of the list until you hit your price.

I posted a link here somewhere to a huge list, I'll try and find it later.

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Even the 'old' Crysis is still quite a bit more hardware-demanding than Far Cry 2 (e.g. have a look here for a direct comparison), so you will probably need loads of horsepower in the GPU department. Multi-card SLI can still deliver a mixed bag of performance on occasion, depending on e.g. how well a game is optimized for multi-threading, so I second Rocky's recommendation to rather buy one very good card than two good ones for the same price.

For an overview of GPU performance have a look here.

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