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NOD Rifleman in Operation Stabilise?

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Ok..its a shot in the dark but..

You guys remember Operation Stabilise? I'm rediscovering that great mod (as I'm rediscovering GR classic) and something caught my eye:

In the hero folder within the actor folder of the mod, there's an ATR file called 'NOD_Rifleman.' I've finished the campaign, unlocked all the specialists, but I see no C&C looking character called 'NOD Rifleman.'

Any explanations? Anyway of getting this character to show up in lieu of another specialist?

Thanks guys.

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Soldier of NOD as he appears in Op Stabilise.

In the actor/ hero folder I renamed the NOD.atr to will_jacobs.atr.

Made a copy of the will_jacobs.atr first in case I wanted to switch back.

He appeared in Quick Missions with all heros unlocked but not in the campaign.

Not sure how to make the heros appear in the campaign other then unlocking them by completing all the missions.

I chose to use the will jacobs hero but I'm sure you can choose any of the others.

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