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Compatability issues

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Breif description:

I took all the working parts out of PC_03 and put them aside. Then threw out the case as it was badly damaged...

PC_02 is having an issue running the GRAW2 editor and I don`t really want to load it all onto my main PC. Specs:

Intel® Celeron®

CPU E1200 @ 1.60GHz

3.12GB Ram

NVIDIA GeForce 7050/ nForce 610i

So I thought I would put in the graphics card from the old PC_03 which is an Radeon X1600 Pro

But it does not fit in the Motherboard. ASUS P5N-MX

Now I still have the old Motherboard ASRock P4i65G which had a single core processor.

So my question is:

Can I simply put the dual core processor onto the ASRock Motherboard and then fit that with the Radeon graphics card? I do still have 4 x 512mb RAM sticks for it.

Otherwise any suggestions?


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Oki, thnx Fletch. So I need a new Motherboard that is compatable with the processor and the graphics card?


First job tomorrow will be too list all my parts available. Then try to think of best solution from there.

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Yes that processor iirc is a LGA775 DualCore Celeron, and your card is PCI but, is it a plain wrapper PCI or a PCI-e? Your going to be looking for a Intel compatable board with at least 4 memory slots if you plan on using all 4 of your memory sticks. So list the parts you want to keep/use and their specs so we can work up a buy list, plus your budget.

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