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[change grenade/GL key ?]

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:blush: Embarassing for a combat veteran...but I just bought GR and Island Thunder. I cannot get my keys work when I want to change to grenades or grenade launcher. I tried to change the key designation because I really can't see what key designated for Next Selection! I've tried alt, shift, ctrl, num lock and every key to go from M16 to M16 w.203...nothing so I'm stuck. I have PC version...brand new HP. Please feel free to email me or respond here.



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I've always had the same problem... every time I launch GR I have to remember to go remap that key to itself... then it works.

I've never found a permanent solution, and it's been a constant problem for me with 2 different copies of GR and several different PCs.

Always figured it must be just me :)

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