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I've made the switch to my laptop which is on it's way. I've posted about it Here and it will be for my photography and pirates of the carribean online by disney. I also got a lappy carrying case and 4GB usb drive as a package from Walmart.

It's a Toshiba system with specs (at the link above)

But on my trips, I can work on my photos and place them on the laptop drive and I also bought an external 500GB USB 2.0 harddrive preformatted for NTFS Here. I also bought a 32GB compact flash card for my digital SLR 32GB CF card.

this will allow my wife to check our finances while on vacation and allow me to work on my photos when I want to.

I'm finally able to get away from gaming and this PC I'm using now will go to my wifey for her games.

I'll still trample through here to see what you blokes are up to now and again.



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naw, the CF card for my 400D gives me 7010 shots in JPEG high quality and 3134 in RAW format. :blink::wacko:

that should be what the doctor ordered..

the lens works REAL nice with the IS enabled Image stabilization

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