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Hi guys,

I just pick myself up a new headset. I decided to go wireless this time. I've been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking about 10 years now, but have always used substandard headsets. Yeah they were good headsets, perhaps costing around $100, at this little puppy just set me back around 500 AUD... and it's worth every penny.


If you are serious about using speech applications I can highly recommendgetting a good-quality headset. The Sennheiser ME is also an outstanding unit, however I could not go past the opportunity to go wireless.

Also one of the fantastic things about this unit is that it can operate in a noisy environment. The noise cancelling is absolutely incredible.

I just typed the entire above post and the dam thing did not make one single mistake (as far as I can see with the quick skim). With my old headset I would have gotten at least four or five errors in the above.

It's worth every cent I say.


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That's pretty neat.

I saw a docu about noise cancelling not long ago, it's remarkable what they can do now.

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