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Virgin Media Unveils 50 Meg Broadband

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Virgin Media unveils 50 Meg broadband


Where is 50Mb broadband available?

We're busy rolling out up to 50Mb broadband across our fibre optic network, so it won't be available everywhere straight away.

This month though, we'll be able to sign up around 1.3 million homes in parts of Scotland, the Midlands and South London.

The rest of the 12.6 million UK homes covered by our fibre optic network will be ready for 50Mb by next summer.

How much will it cost?

You can experience the fastest broadband in the UK for just £35 a month1 when you take a Virgin Media phone line for £11 a month.

Want broadband on its own? A one-off activation fee of £50 applies along with our standard £30 install fee. It's yours for £51 a month2.

Free PCguard Total internet security is included with both (not compatible for Macs), and we'll even give you a free wireless 'N' router and wireless 'N' USB adaptor as part of our special launch offer. They'll be sent directly from Netgear (the people who manufacture them for us), and should be with you within 2 weeks of having your 50Mb service installed, but it could take up to 28 days, so please bear with us.


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