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No More Custom Maps

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:lol: Nice pic, Winters!!

Glad to see we have quite a bit of interest and looking forward to seeing everyone's new creations. I actually found myself looking at GRAW1 custom Maps again since Desert Castle may not happen. Perhaps the Ghost Recon conversion to GRAW1 called DeDust... Calle de Misericordia was small, but so amazing along with POW Camp.

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Love the pic. Winters...that so needs to go into a new map!

All the best to the all the modders and map makers out there. Looking forward to your creations.

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IMHO, you are very very wrong and GRAW 2 is the basis on what ALL combat games should be based on.

Its just that the game wasnt developed enough by the manufactureres and thats been left to us, the players.

I have played the ARMA thing (and others) and still much prefer the GRAW and GRAW 2 games in comparison. Much more fun and playability if you ask me.

We have many many game modders and map producers here in this community that have kept this game alive and I thank you for doing that as without people like you, no game will survive.....you know who you are !

I am looking forward to the rumoured "Predator" that has been mentioned......now that should be interesting.

This is supposed to include many modern developments which exist now such as :-

Sure makes you think what else is in existence that the public should know about.


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