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Some of you may know I'm doing a lot of housekeeping in the downloads section. Part of that process means I am searching my hard drive for filenames to make sure I have all the GR mods backed up here. The thing is, a windows search of the mods folder means over 11,000 filenames are being checked, and it was taking XP 4 or 5 minutes each time.

Then I found Windows Desktop Search, installed it, and found it sitting in the bottom taskbar, next to the clock. I set it to index only my GR mods flder, and it worked away for about 6 minutes indexing it all.

I was keen to see how quick it would find files now, the answer - instantaneous! No joke, it's a live search that actually displays results while you are still typing the search phrase. There are some other advantages, but the speed alone makes this a superb addition!


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