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Recommendations for WK's new PC

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Be careful with some of the new processors though... check your mainboard manufacturer. Some will require and old processor to flash with to support the new. (we see this all the time at the shop and always have an old 630 sitting around to flash with.

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Oh and here is the viewsonic monitor


On the right click on specifications

Also note on the back of the left pictures... it has cable guide clips built in, and it does DVI which is a must and height adjustment... which i love with my 19 inch as i have a raised cornershelf that i can drop it all the way to the shelf with so it's perfect viewing for gaming.

Note also that viewsonic shows the static contrast ratio not the dynamic. Multiply it by 4 to see around what the dynamic would be.

I have sold these and the picture quality is superb.

Top that off with a 3 year warranty and they do next day advanced replacement after calling it to someone who speaks english.

I'd rather get a Samsung if I were you, they have way better picture qualities, better candela and especially better

picture depth with 20.000:1 versus 700:1 on that other monitor.

I could advice Acer aswell they seem second best and have a good value for money too.

For a good machine I'd advice to look for PCI 2.0 motherboards because thhey communicate faster with the graphic card, and also look for a pci 2.0 graphic card, most recent models are compatible. I'm a fan of Nvidia graphic cards nowadays...

as for power, I'd stick with 600 watts at least, better to much than too little, though the quality of teh PSU plays a big part too (I run 450 watts of Antec, but with and "old"core2 duo 6300 thats more than enough room left for an "old"8800 GTS 320mb OC)

And for memory I'd look for a motherboard that supports both ddr2 as ddr3 so it's easy upgrading in the future... (Asus or Gigabyte are good quality on that Intel boards seem to do well in office machines but I have to see a good gaming rig based on an intell board yet....!)

Well sorry for messing up recommendations...lol

Read up on technical forums to see what you want. I use tweakers.net and hardware.info a lot.

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WK: not knowing if you made the investment yet, keep an eye on the prices for the video card. ATI’s mainstream HD 4850 has been released at usd 199 and Nvidia’s 9800GTX is now also priced at usd 199. There’s a 9800GTX+ at usd 229.

ATI’s HD 4870 and HD 4870X2 expected to be released in about a week.

There are numerous reviews of the HD 4850, a few links:




Good value for money but it gets quite hot.

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That 8800GT is waaay over priced. I'd go with a cheaper ATI 4850 or a much better performing 9800GTX or 9800GTX+. 1GB of RAM on your GPU isn't going to do anything just yet, especially with a 8800GT. If you really want more than 512MB I'd go with a 260GTX (can be found for as little as $230 after rebates) and that has I thin 896MB of RAM. If you go with an ATI card you might want to switch your motherboard out for an X48 model or something though to support Crossfire X instead of SLI (if you go down that road in the future).

For the sound card, unless your a hardcore audiophile I'd go with either an Auzentech


or HT Omega


Personally I prefer the Omega because the drivers are a lot better, but that's coming from a Vista 64 user. For the CPU you might be better off going for the Q9450. It's about $200 cheaper, overclocks easily, and is only 170mhz less than the Q9550. Other than that not bad. The only thing that really needs to be changed though would be your video card.

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