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Help Finding a Timer

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I'm hoping some of you more search savvy people out there can help me find a very very basic program.

What I need is a program that I can run on my PC (Vista 64) that does this very simple task:

When I press a button (say... F2) it activates a timer for a certain amount of time (say... 3 minutes) and then plays a (hopefully not too annoying) sound when time is up.

That's it. That's all I need. The ability to pick a sounds would be cool, but not necessary. It also needs to be able to run behind other programs.

Easy enough I hope.



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Thanks Dannik, trying this now! :)

... Nice little timer, but not exactly what I want.

I need one that can activate at the push of a button (like F2). I need to activate it while not in Windows. It's got to start it's timer at the exact second I start something in a different window. This, and 64bit compatability, is making this search rather hard. :)

Thanks though Dannik! Might use that to not miss Scrubs tonight. :)

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