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Ruin's Worklog: Project: {tbd}

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Alright Gents, I've been goofing off way too much. Time to get serious. Now that I've had some time to put things together, get things running etc. I should report in.

The Purpose of this Thread:

This is the draft version of a final thread that I will post detailing my work from R&D to A Living Reality. I've got some information started in my blog, and pictures taken from boxes to current PC. I just got a professional wiring kit and some GPU heatsinks from Swiftech a couple days ago - but I've been sick and haven't felt like tearing the PC apart yet to install both. So it'll be a few days before the %100 Complete pictures are up.

This thread is all about discussion. Ask questions, make comments, suggestions, etc.to help me prepare the final version for publication - by that I mean a pinned and locked topic here in the forums.

So, the first pieces of the puzzle are in my blog. The first post is pretty much done. An explanation of where the idea came from. The second post (latest blog entry) needs some work. I've got a decent portion done, but I'm sure some of you can help me think of other questions that will need answering.

So, this will start the 3rd entry. The Build.

Okay, so I'm impatient...



I'd say that this is about %80 complete. I still need to clean up the wiring, clean up the plumbing, install the GPU heatsinks, mount the pump and reservoir properly - I'm using some sticky stuff right now, only a temporary solution, find a better mounting solution for the radiator - It's sitting on an odd hump in the bottom of the case, not sure I like it there, but I'm trying to keep everything contained in the case; need to reverse some fans for better airflow.


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No... I've not forgot about this thread. :) I was hoping for some discussion between posts as I learn more about my PC, Watercooling and the such.

Today was a learning experience. I picked up the Swiftech Passive Cooling kit for my GPU and damn near fried my PC in the process. Everything's doing fine, and I'm just waiting on my thermal paste to cure so that these little dudes don't fall off.

With the GPU waterblock I got from Swiftech, I had to change the mounts to place it on my 8800GTX. I read in other places that taking your GPU block apart for cleaning was a bad idea, as separating the block from the inlet/outlets could cause the gasket inbetween the two to reseal improperly. Well, I didn't realize the mounting bracket held the two together, so I haphazardly took them apart. Oops. I've had no issues until now, when I took out my vid card and turned it over to mount my mini-sinks. Blood everywhere! It was crazy, and a mess - not as bad as the leak I sprung last week. Dripped on the sound card and the vid card... uff, not fun.

What happened was in my reattaching of the bracket to the block, the one corner was a wee bit lose (as you crazy kids say over-there... hell, it's St. Patty's day, why not?) Anyway, I guess it was just loose enough that turning the GPU upside-down caused a leak that made a mess.

No worries, about 20 minutes later - and some sever panicking, I dried it up, cleaned it off, installed the heatsinks, and am oohing and aahhing. They're cool looking.

I also took the opportunity to rewire my lighting so that both 12" tubes light properly now. Woah bright! All that's left is to sleeve up the wiring and rotate some fans, and I'll be done!

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More Work Complete:

-Started Cable Management: Not perfect, but a good start.

-Flipped fans for better airflow.

-Removed grille from rear exhaust fan for better looks.

-Rearranged cathodes and boxes for better lighting.

Pics Updated in Gallery! <-- Click for More!


As you can see, the mobo power cable moved on me while I was taking pics. Need to find a better way to secure it. I like the slight blue coming from the PSU fan too. :) The red lighting makes it look way more cluttered than it is, I blame the camera. :hehe: Most of the cables in the lower right, behind the HD cage, are SATA cables and are pretty well organized. Once I take pictures at night with only the PC lights on, it'll look a lot better. But that will come later.

Sprung another leak while working on this - aaaahhh! Dripped from my CPU block on to my vid-card. Again, had to dry it off, clean it up and wait. Good to go now.

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