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Converting .flv files?

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Have downloaded Super - but it needs 20 GB of free space on the C drive. Is there some way to install Super some where else - my C drive IS 20 GB total! :(

LOL, what are you on about mate, it's about 20MB not GB!

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The following minimum configuration is required to run SUPER©.v2008.build.25(Feb.5,2008) on your PC.

o One of the following OS: Windows© 98 (second edition), Windows© ME (final release)

Windows© 2000, Windows© XP, Windows© 2003, Windows© Vista.

SUPER©.v2008.build.25(Feb.5,2008) is NOT suitable to run in a Windows emulator environment like WINE or similar

o Full admin credentials within an admin session (for NTkernel OS). (Vista users, RightClick and 'Run as... Administrator')

o At least 1800 MHz Intel® Pentium4 processor or equivalent. (64-bit CPU or OS support is NOT guaranteed)

o 512MB of RAM or more.

o 20GB of free space (or more) on the Hard disk where the OS is installed.

o 1024 x 768 video resolution or larger.

o 32,000-color video or more.

o IE 5.01 or later.

o Internet connection.

Considered an external hard-drive?

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Yep, my version was dated late January, I see the latest version is now 5th February.


I just D/L it and it installed fine, with less than 5Gb free. It gives a toggable warning message at startup, but it installs and runs fine.

Sorry for doubting you Shorty!

As long as you are not encoding huge movies, you should still be okay to run it though.

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