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"More Guns" free DLC available Tuesday 1/29

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Hi everyone,

The More Guns free DLC will be available on Tuesday, 1/29. Here's the info about this free DLC:

More Guns! Free Guns!

The "more guns pack" is a free DLC that includes 7 additional weapons to be used in the Single Player Quick Mission mode in GRAW 2. These new weapon models are from all over the world, and give a new twist to the Ghost’s cutting edge arsenal.

Guns include:

Rx4 Storm/XL7



KJY-88 Sniper



SC-20K / F2000 Tactical

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Has anyone else downloaded this and had problems playing with the guns?

I've downloaded them, but even after restarting the console, deleting the pack then re-downloading it I can't find the guns in the weapons list. I've tried it in the first, 2nd and the mission where you have to clear out the cemetery.

I was really looking forward to using the F2000 Tactical so I could "Go Sam Fisher" on the rear ends of the terrorists in all my Tom Clancy games.

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In single player main menu there is an option to switch DLC weapons on or off. When I downloaded mine it was switched to off. I beleive it is under options.

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