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GRAW2 support is pathetic still so many bugs!

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How long has the game been out? and how many patches have come out for GRAW2 on the 360 that still don't fix the microphone bug?

yeah exactly!

It's a major bug in the game as u have to exit to the main menu of GRAW2 to fix it, yet RSE or UBI have done NOTHING to fix it! So many matches have been ruined as ur mates have to leave and come back later because of it, its very very frustrating and it just amazes me that oOoO we're working on a map pack, oOoO we brought out patches but NEVER has this one single major bug been fixed!

It happens when ever u get disconnected from a match or leave during a match.

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I really don't care about these bugs...

But the holiday is over! Lets get the damn maps out already!

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