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Long Distance Shooting Simulation

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A lot of people have posted about the shortcomings of sniping in ghost recon. For those that are looking for an accurate portrayal of the difficulties of long range shooting, you might consider NRA Varmint Hunter. It has been almost universally panned by the critics but as a shooting sim it captures all the essentials and does so fairly well. From the physics perspective it deals with velocity, ballistics coefficients, bullet trajectory, wind drift, and time-of-flight. The shooter is able to handload cartridges for tailored performance. There is a decent selection of bullet, powders, and cartridges to choose from and a shooting range to allow you to test your loads. I've been able to develop handloads that give .4 MOA accuracy with a 5-shot group within the game. That's pretty good. If you like the intracies of long range shooting this may be for you. I got a lot of satisfaction the first time I hit a prairie dog at over 1000 yds. Just hitting a moving target at this distance in a 15 mph crosswind was difficult, but I had to spend a lot of time and effort building a rifle, selecting the cartridge, bullet, handload, seating depth, etc to make it possible.

The game is trialware and easily downloaded on the internet. 30 minute trial. The developer/publisher seems to be out of business.

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