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horrendous online connectivity

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Over the past few nights I have noticed that the comms isuses and connection issues get worse as peopel leave theroom and new ones jump in.

It almost seems that comm "channels" are not reallocated when a person leaves the room.

We have also had instances where a person can not be heard or only heard by a few people in th elobby but can be heard by all of histeam in the game. When the match is over the lobby comms may or may not be corrected.

I have seen the same situations night after night........this IS clearly a game issue and not a hardware issue as some have said.

P.S. My NAT is open and my settings are checked all the time.

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I have been experiency similar issues as those have described here in ranked matches. I thought it way too little bandwidth(correct term?) so I bought a new 802.11n router(ethernet cables not an option) to boost the speed. It doesn't seem to be helping. I might go with the hosting my own competition. Does anyone think this will this eliminate problems? It is a super dope game but, after beating the campaign on its hardest level last week its get this online stuff worked out or trade in the game for the next latest/greatest.

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