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Not really :unsure:

The CHR Folder is 600MB

All i know is:


Here’s the wall of fame for all the modders and players that have helped HAlien and me in this work…

First, I want to put our clan, the PGS PEGASO CLAN, because without those guys me and HAlien couldn’t meet.

Then, a big thanks to all the ghostrecon.net community.

But now, here’s our “heros” of modding, from which we have taken all those skins.

Bajabravo (from his Sabre Team and Canadian Operatives II), Sixpence (for the skins of the 101° Ariborne with the great SGT. Crocodile, the KSK skins, the Navy Seals, and to have worked for some snow camo), Snowfella (for many character, attachmets, and the beautifull XM8 MOD V2), Earl (for weapons from Standard Upgrade and others), Prozac (I think that a good 60% of the armoury is his!!), Piccolo (weapons from his Navy Seals), Dog Zebra (for that cool SC 70/90), GRT (For his TGR 42, very nice!), DVS1 for his cool weapons, C$K (for too many attachments, characters, weapons to be written here!!!), Cobaka (for his Merlin and his Benelli), and then my “paesano” Giweda, Commando Crazy, Suicide Commando, Courtney Yaeger, Stalker, SOF, richmondskin, and many, many others.

For the maps, Neutron, Runar Tømte For map "The Farm", El Oso “Mosque”, Outpost and many others… I still don’t know who has made the SOAF MAP PACK, but thanx to him, and a BIG BIG Thanx for the map FOY


And a “Great Job!” to the project leader PGS_Halien, for his crazy funny new multiplayer restriction, from Man in Black vs Aliens, to the heroes of the comics.

He had the idea of the air supports, and did the most job in finding material.

Also the idea of new “balanced” kits is his. Now, you won’t play Ghost Recon as a run & gun in multiplayer: all the mags are a half of the original game, so you won’t run with full auto in the streets any more. Also the number of grenades is decreased, while the power of the Support Expert of the squad is increased: he will be the only one that will have many ammo!

Then, well, there is also my work… I didn’t just put together the very best of the web, I also made some skins of the Italian Army, and many snow camos. The patterns used for the snow camos are Sixpence’s and Wolfsong’s.

Well, I really hope you will like this mod, both in single player and multiplayer.

LINKS & Special thankx

Vincenzo, of www.specwarfare.it/

Fabio Giangolini of Corpi D’elite.net

Thanks for your support on the Esercito Italiano Mod included in this.

Thanx for the infos about weapons, camos, and thanx for the support!!!


In the mod there is a folder called MODS INFO

Here you will find some usefull readme file about the mod I included.

And now, here’s some site

www.ghostrecon.net I think I got nothing to add…All and much more on GR!

http://sixmods.atwar.net/news.php Sixpence “basecamp”

www.warofinfamy.com this aint a mod, it’s a legend for gr!

www.csk-uk for the British Commando Mod

http://www.tacticalgames.net/ It’s temporarely closed L, hoping there will be a wall of fame for the great modder Bajabravo!!!

http://www.rogna.it/italia/clanpgs.htm Site of the Italian PGS Pegaso Clan

Both me and HAlien are in this clan!

http://homepage.ntlworld.com/vdickson/ DVS1 Modder

I’m sure I missed someone. I’m sorry for that.

Feel free to contact me on dj_em87@yahoo.it or HAlien at r66.simone@tiscali.it ( MSN messenger ) or halien69@gmail.com (email)


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Holy cow. I was just about to start uploading this as I saw you mention it in another thread, but I didn't notice it was so huge! Dang, I ain't uploading 1Gig, sorry,

It's at Ghostaholic.

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Well it took me 6 Hours yesterday to upload! :o

From what i remember it used to CTD now and again is you picked certain characters with certain maps/kit restrictions in place. But with 600MB of CHR Files...looks like that is the way it is staying.


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Wow, you got stamina dude.

I'll add it to the downloads section later on, cheers.

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