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New GRAW2 Demo whaydago

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Ubisoft plans to release an Xbox Live demo for GRAW 2 on Monday that will finally feature multi-player support.

Full Text:

To supplement the single-player demo that hit Xbox Live just a few weeks ago, Ubisoft is planning on showcasing the multi-player aspect of its upcoming tactical shooter Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. The demo will be available on Xbox Live starting next Monday, February 26th.

The demo will contain one multi-player map known as "Outpost", and will allow for experimentation with both cooperative and versus play. Red Storm Entertainment has also issued an open challenge to gamers wanting to have it out with the development team:

"Gamers who download the demo on February 26th will also have the incredible opportunity to be among a select group to challenge the developers to some multiplayer action. All one needs is to submit their Microsoft gamertag, have a ubi.com account and some luck. Sweepstakes will determine the winners who will be invited to play with Red Storm on the Multiplayer Xbox 360 demo on February 28th, 8-10pm EST."

Shame, PC version stil has no demo to speak of, pld UBI.

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